Healthcare, traffic jams and environment are recognized the key “sore spots” of Russia

            Alcohol abuse, smoking and drug abuse have been also recognized as vital problems along with the stream of migrants in some regions. These are the first results of a comprehensive study of the “sore spots” in 12 regions of Russia delivered to the Public Chamber of Russia at the IV International Conference “Raising Effectiveness of Social Advertising in Russia” that took place on December 10-11, 2012.

How can social advertising help solve acute problems especially when laws do not produce expected effect? Who already work in this sector, more importantly, how effective are they? Russian and international experts once again combined their resources on a unique expert ground to elaborate effective solutions.

Social advertising market in Russia is already oversaturated with initiative, but initiatives are not always useful and in some cases even inflict serious damage. Active discussion of both positive and negative examples of Russian and world’s social advertisements took place on December 10, 2012 at a round table “Effectiveness of Social Advertising on Alcohol Abuse and Smoking Prevention”. One of the core conclusions made by the experts from the public, governmental, academic and business structures is this: social advertisements should offer alternative behavior models, instead of prohibiting or limiting people’s actions. “Social advertising should contain a warm and sincere impulse or something that appeals to main human values, then it will be effective”, the Conference Head Guzella Nikolaishvili pointed out.

Igor Kovpak, a Public Chamber member, offered to recommend federal TV channel and radio stations to place certain blocks of social ads, and also to introduce clear mechanisms to monitor this task. Based on the monitoring results experts can compile a rating list that will demonstrate federal media social activity level. In the future such a rating can become a basis to issue licenses, allocate grants and other bonuses. This idea had been offered previously at a development stage by Elena Topoleva-Soldunova (Public Chamber Social Policies, Labor Relations and Life Quality Commission Chairwoman). At the current moment, there is an opportunity to consolidate efforts of many initiative structures and this chance must not be missed.

The discussion continued the next day in the format of a plenary meeting, Science and Legislation Section and Social Advertising Market Section. The reports covered topics and instruments unusual for the social sphere, for instance, Internet memes, Kind Transport social campaign, important legislative issues including unprecedented tax exemption for mass media – the single case when charity expenses fully reduce income tax (this amendment to the Tax Code was adopted in 2011). Media and advertising agencies representatives who cooperate with non-governmental organizations in social advertising efforts spoke about their motivation. Thus, Nadezhda Breiman, MIR Radio Company Director, explained: “To develop our brand we need audience trust, and social advertising is an instrument helping to gain it. This is why we are ready to place radio announcements free of charge, just if they are of good quality”.  

Representatives of the US Ad Council, guests from Italy and Latin American countries made an important contribution into the Conference discussions via video interviews. Conference also gathered representatives of influential social advertising festivals from many regions of Russia: P.O.R.A (Omsk), Gorodskaya Sreda (Ufa), Glass (Ekaterinburg), Mirumir (St. Petersburg). These festivals demonstrate good quality materials every year, but just a few of these winners get implemented. This problem’s solution may be found in attracting both non-governmental and state structures and commercial mass media to the festivals organization. The Social Advertising Regional Forum hosted in Surgut became an excellent illustration of this idea, successfully cooperating with both governmental and business partners. The Forum develops quickly and successfully thanks to the good support and media coverage.

At the end of the discussion the participants acknowledged that the social advertising market in Russia is welcoming new players, there is a set of professional instruments and a working scheme of actions, even though interaction between certain market players is not yet effective.


The IV International Conference “Raising Effectiveness of Social Advertising in Russia” has confirmed its high status being the unique expert ground for reflection and analysis of the dynamic and fast processes taking place in the social advertising in this country. This is a guarantee for the system’s successful functioning, and therefore, for the effective solution of the long-standing social issues.


Background:  IV International Conference “Raising Effectiveness of Social Advertising in Russia” took place on December 10-11, 2012 in the Public Chamber of Russia (Miusskaya Ploschad 7, Building 1)

Organizers: Social Advertising Laboratory; Agency for Social Information; Social Policies, Labor Relations and Life Quality Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia; Department of Integrated Communications of the Higher School of Economics

Partner:  Social advertising media library

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