Press-release. October 18, 2013. Moscow, Russia

We are exactly a week away from the event of the year in social advertising.

The anniversary international conference “Raising efficiency of social advertising in Russia” (ESARUSSIA) will be held on October 24-25, 2013 in Moscow.

The session on sustainable development “Three elements of success” will take place next Thursday in the center of Moscow at Brusov per. 2/14 bldg. 8. During this event Russian and international experts will be giving presentations about real life cases and opportunities of using the tools of sustainable development, which help increase any company’s efficiency, build loyalty in clients and employees, adjust reputation and brand image, and also attract new target audiences.

On the same day of October, 24th at 9 p.m. there will be a video show of the best public service spots from all over the world at “Khudozhestvenniy” movie theater. The viewers will have a unique opportunity to watch high-quality social ads on a wide range of topics, some of which are quite unusual, yet, significant.

The participants of the conference will soon meet George Perlov, an American social marketing expert and a consultant of the Advertising Council and the World Economic Forum. “During my speech at the first ESARUSSIA conference in 2009 I quoted a famous American anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world”. Positive changes in Russian social advertising that were made possible thanks to such conferences, round tables and generally the activity of Russian PSA Coalition, confirm these words” – the expert says.

On October 24th George will give a speech during the session on sustainable development and on the next day he will talk about the experience of creating international database of social advertising cases “Creative for Good” which debuted this June at Cannes Lions International Festival and included 8 Russian cases.

The Main conference day is Friday, October 25th, which will be held at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. The speakers will describe different aspects of social advertising: scientific, psychological, creative, innovational and practical. There are several topics that seem to be the most popular among over 20 speeches that will take place. One of them is sex. Safer sex. Evgenia Alekseyeva who is the director of “FOCUS-MEDIA” Foundation, a member of the coordination council on AIDS at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, and PhD in medical sciences will speak of measuring the efficiency of social ad campaigns aimed to prevent dangerous sexual behavior among teenagers and young people. And Lyubov Borusyak, lecturer at Higher School of Economics and a PhD in economic sciences will ask the audience a tricky question “Is there such thing as safe sex at all?” and will try to solve it together.

Child right protection is very topical too. Alexander Sharikov, professor of media communications department at Higher School of Economics, member of a group of European studies of audiences will tell about protecting children from harmful information in media. Oksana Ivannikova, head of the department of communications at a Foundation supporting children in difficult life situations will give a presentation “How to teach love” or “Not a phone talk”.

Creative section is distinguished by its variety of topics: new media, augmented reality, ambient, street-art, and other innovations of advertising industry. Vlad Sitnikov, chief of the “Hungry Boys” agency will show and analyze cases of creative advertising. Eugene Fateyev and Andrey Kolokolov, co-founders of the “Stenograffiya” street-art festival, members of the art-directors club of Yekaterinburg that work at the “StreetArt” creative agency will speak about “How to explain to people what they already know”. Igor Komov, general director of the “Fluger” studio will share his knowledge about augmented reality and will advise how to tame the innovations.

17 million images for creating social ads in “AtPrint” media-library, problems of communicational inequality, the newest local social advertising campaigns, problems of shock and fear in art – that and much more awaits all the participants of the conference next week!

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